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Every month one winner will be chosen at random like winner Maddie.

Here is what she said about signing up to the Get Around Rewards Challenge:

“I have been trying to be active by going to the gym once or twice a week, however it was easy to find a reason not to go. My colleague at work told me about the BetterPoints app. With the rising cost of petrol and living - my friend and I decided to give it a go by cycling to work.

I have found since doing this I miss cycling in if I don't do it for a day. I have even started cycling at the weekend with my daughter.

My mental health more than anything has improved. I feel set for the day when I cycle to work, it gets rid of the cobwebs... I feel the cycle home gets rid of the day's stresses and I am in a better mood when I get home.” - Maddie

Maddie traded in her BetterPoints for £50 worth of Sainsbury's vouchers.

We also heard from winner Becky

She told us how using the BetterPoints app and joining Get Around Rewards has helped her:

“Since joining the challenge I’m much more active. It’s encouraged me to get out more and take my friends with me. A few of us have downloaded the app and we go out walking together earning points, it has really motivated us. We love exploring round our local area and finding new places we’ve never seen before. The app shows you where you have been on a route and it’s really useful to see that information at our fingertips.

I set myself a goal to walk 7 hours a week, and enjoy seeing the minutes clock up in the dashboard. Using the app is helping me to get to my target weight loss too.

The other benefits are that I find I’m using my car less. I ask myself ‘Do I really need to use my car today? Can I make this journey on foot instead?’ It’s also been great for my mental health, and I feel positive and motivated thanks to joining the Get Around Rewards Challenge.” – Becky from Monkston.

Becky and her work walking buddies

Change the way you travel around Milton Keynes and earn rewards.

Mobile phone with betterpoints app.